Research Interests

Because I am pursuing a co-major for my Ph.D. in both Statistics and Mathematics, my main research is split into two separate components.

Bayesian Statistics

My interests in statistics primarily lie in Bayesian methodology. I am particularly interested in the analysis of functional data and nonparametric models, and, in addition, the asymptotic theory of Bayesian procedures from a frequentist point of view.

ODEs and Functional Analysis

I am interested in the study on nonlinear systems of ordinary differential equations, and using tools from functional analysis to study their qualitative properties. In particular, the existence of solutions to nonlinearly-perturbed classical problems is a major interest of mine.

Papers and Presentations

This section is a work in progress. Check back for more!

Bayesian Clustering of Functional Data Using Local Features

Bayesian Analysis

Bayesian Estimation of Principal Components for Functional Data

Bayesian Analysis

Speeding Up Computation

Tips Geared Towards R


On Nonlinear Perturbations of Sturm-Liouville Problems

Differential Equations and Applications

About Me

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Adam J. Suarez

Ph.D. Student

I am originally from Coral Gables, FL, and attended Washington University in St. Louis for my undergraduate work. I graduated with a major in Mathematics and minor in Psychology. I then started my graduate school work at NCSU, and finished my M.Stat. degree in 2009 with a concentration in Mathematical Statistics. Late into my Statistics Ph.D., I made the decision to add Mathematics as a co-major, and finished my M.S. in Mathematics in 2014. My expected graduation date is May 2016, and I will have completed all the requirements for both of my degree programs.


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